Pixel Chess Club
NFT PixelArt Gaming Project

The Project

PixelChessClub is a collectible pixel NFT project that blends in Art and Utility with chess enthusiasm.

Each PixelChessClub NFT is a 64x64 unique pixelated character, embedded in a 32x32 pixels chess piece frame.

Chess puzzles are fun and are keeping the community engaged.

The chess platform is for everybody to use, but holders of a PixelChessClub NFT will be the ones benefiting.

Our vision is to bring chess to web3.

3212 collectible pixelated NFTs

200 Kings
200 Queens
400 Knights
400 Bishops
400 Rooks
1600 Pawns
Black Bishop
Black King
Black Knight
Black Pawn
Black Queen
Black Rook
White Bishop
White King
White Knight
White Pawn
White Queen
White Rook

The 1/1 Art

Our 1/1s are split between 6 White pieces and 6 Black pieces.

Those are not restricted by borders. Characters have been chosen to reflect the good and bad, but also that no matter what, we can change! It is pixel art at it's best!

Rooked Ronin
Skeleton King
The Celestial Knight
The Mighty Bishop
The Pirate King
The Queen of All
Throrin The Dwarf

The Game

Our vision is straight forward. Bringing chess to web3.

Any PixelChessClub NFT is a piece in a chess game and holders are incentivized in many ways: whenever their NFT is used in a game, winning, solving puzzles...

The Game

The Roadmap

Community and Ranking

Community is the essence of our project. We are a Club after all! Building the community has been, is and will be our main focus.
  • Implement the ranking system for our community. This opens the doors for incentives.


  • Launch collection.
  • Launch PixelChessClub utility collection 1 (to be airdropped to holders).
  • Launch PixelChessClub utility collection 2 (airdrop + minting).

Project Development

  • Website improvements.
  • Chess puzzle platform development.
  • Chess puzzles in web2.
  • Chess game platform development.
  • Chess game in web2.
  • Chess puzzles in web3.
  • Chess game in web3.

Earnings and Ranking

  • Developing the earnings mechanism for PixelChessClub NFT holders.
  • Implement the mechanism for incentives on winning chess games and finding chess puzzle solutions.

The Team



So far it is just me. NFT artist. Chess enthusiast. Developer.